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Rubella antibody (IgG), serum
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Test Name:
Rubella antibody (IgG), serum
Test Code(s):

German measles IgG antibody
Collection Device/Tube Type:
3.5 mL blood - gold top serum separator tube (gel)
Submission Requirements:
1 mL serum
Frequency of Testing:
2 times / week
Reference Range:


Immunity Interpretation

10 kU/L

This patient tested negative for Rubella IgG indicating the probable absence of immunity.  Patients with negative Rubella IgG results should be offered the MMR vaccine

> 10 kU/L

The presence of Rubella IgG antibody indicates immunity due to vaccination or previous infection

5 kU/L for patients
< 12 months of age

The presence of the Rubella IgG antibody may represent passive transfer of maternal antibody

•  For assessment of Rubella immunity
•  Prenatal testing sent to Provincial Laboratory for Public Health

Last Reviewed:
13 June 2018

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