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Free prostate specific antigen, serum
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Test Name:
Free prostate specific antigen, serum
Test Code(s):

Free PSA
Collection Device/Tube Type:
3.5 mL blood - gold top serum separator tube (gel)
Submission Requirements:
1 mL serum
•  Separate and freeze

Frequency of Testing:
Reference Range:

Free PSA (ug/L)

Free PSA / Total PSA ratio

0.00 – 1.00

Increased likelihood of carcinoma

< 0.10

Overlap of malignant and benign diagnosis

0.10 – 0.20

Increased likelihood of benign diagnosis

> 0.20

The Free PSA Ratio report includes:  
   •  total PSA
   •  free PSA and
   •  free/total PSA ratio

Last Reviewed:
11 August 2017

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