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Ova and parasite - perianal, pinworm exam
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Test Name:
Ova and parasite - perianal, pinworm exam
Enterobius vermicularis
Pinworm disease
Body Source(s):
Clinical Prerequisite(s):
Provision of relevant clinical information is important to ensure a clinically relevant result

  • State specimen source
  • State clinical signs/symptoms
  • Provide clinical history (e.g. anal itching, close contact of patient with pinworm infection)
  • Provide travel history
  • Collection Device/Tube Type:
    Pinworm paddle collection device (plastic vial containing a sticky sided paddle)
    Collection Instructions:
    Refer to Pinworm collection instruction
    Handling and Storage:
    Room temperature
    Handling/Storage Comments:

    Submit only 1 pinworm paddle

    Rejection Criteria:
  • Mislabelled or labelled specimen/requisition
  • Stool specimen
  • Turnaround Times
    See Microbiology Information»

    Last Reviewed:
    18 September 2018

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